Concept to reality – launching a start-up business in the tea market

Bogdan Krinitchko, Founder and CEO of BRU AG, loves tea but is not so crazy about the often messy and time-consuming process of making tea. He has an engineering and management background with a passion for solving problems.

Bogdan had been searching for an easier way of making the perfect cup every time, with no mess, no fuss. His solution: the BRU Maker. The first tea machine to make the perfect cup of tea at the push of a button, again and again. The freedom to use any tea that you like, without the need for expensive capsules or pods. Set the temperature, brew time and cup size. Save time & energy.

But how did Bogdan, go from idea to start-up business which is just about to launch a world-first? One that has already generated over 1 million CHF in pre-sales via two successful crowdfunding campaigns. Anyone remotely associated with the start-up space will relate to the fact that it has not always been a smooth ride.

“I have been involved with a couple of other start-ups before, my first at age 24. But BRU was always at the back of my mind as the big concept I wanted to bring to life. There have been many sleepless nights with countless hours of development, testing, developing and testing again!

By the time he produced his first BRU Maker prototype he knew he was really onto something. This was re-enforced with such a positive response to BRU’s crowdfunding campaigns, which have resulted in over 9,400 backers.

“Our backers have been really supportive, not only in terms of funding, but also their advice and feedback along the way - it’s a real moral-boost to me and the BRU team. It helps keep me inspired to launch a quality product for all those tea drinkers out there now and the tea drinkers of the future.”

Bogdan has always wanted to run his own company, so he can solve problems while being responsible for the outcome. “I want to bring products to the market that I have been involved with 100% along the way. For me details matter, and that takes time, care and attention.”

But one of the things Bogdan initially found challenging about being a founder is that the buck stops with him – literally and figurately! That changed when he teamed up with BRU co-founder and CMO Filip Carlberg.

“Along the way I have worked with so many great developers and others who offered me support and advice, but I got to a point where I decided I needed a business partner, someone who could establish a strong, quality brand and bring it to life. Bringing Filip on board has been a great boost and we are in the process of establishing a dynamic team’.

It’s not just Bogdan’s love of tea which attracted him to create a start-up in the ‘tea space’.

“The tea market is growing but to date there hasn’t been a lot of innovation within the tea-brewing devices industry in order to prepare the perfect cup of fresh tea. We have kettles and capsule machines – that's it. When I thought about how many machines there are for coffee – and more people globally drink tea - I knew there was a great opportunity to bring convenience, consistency and sustainability to the world of tea.

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