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5 reasons to invest in BRU

Hi fellow tea drinker,


If you are like us and want to change the world of tea to become more convenient and sustainable, then this is the right time to join our journey. 

Invest in a high-potential Swiss start-up

Become a stakeholder at an early stage and see your investment grow together with us.


Strong patents granted in EU, Eurasia and USA. We call it a license to a monopoly.

Solving a real problem

- We bring innovation to the world of tea.

- We challenge wasteful tea preparation.

- We create a one-stop-solution for tea drinkers.

Invest in an ambitious team

Together with our partners and advisors, our team have the experience, knowledge and tools to become the gold standard in tea. 

Fast growing market

Tea already outperforms coffee and is estimated to have a higher growth rate in the coming years, especially among younger consumers. 

Please keep in mid that any investment is a capital at risk