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Frequently asked questions

Can I use tea bags in the BRÜ Maker?

Yes, the BRÜ Maker is designed to work with any tea. Both loose leaf and tea bags.

Is the BRÜ Maker environmentaly friendly?

Our BRÜ Maker only heats up the water needed for your cup. No energy is wasted by heating up additional water.

Can I choose the colour of my BRÜ Maker?

Yes, we are currently offering the machine in 4 different colors: Black, Chrome, Red, or Grey.

How do I use the multiple infusion function?

Download our app (link) and connect to your BRÜ maker. In the app you can easily adjust the setting you want for your multiple infusion brew.

When will you start sales?

You can already pre-order your own BRÜ Maker now in our Indiegogo campaign here: We are working hard to finalize development and move into mass production. Currently our target is to start sales in Q3 2021.

Will I have to use tea from your tea line in my BRÜ Maker?

You have the freedom to use any loose leaf tea or tea bag you like with the BRÜ Maker (although once you have tried our tea we think you will love it!). No need for expensive pods or capsules either.

How does the automatic rinse function work?

The BRU Maker+ model features fully automatic cleaning of the brewing chamber. The walls are flushed evenly with hot water at the end of each brew to make sure every last drop of tea reaches your cup, and the brewing chamber is left fresh and clean.

Are parts of the BRÜ Maker dishwasher safe?

Yes, the removable parts of the machine – the brewing chamber, outlet tube, catch-tray, sieve and spoon - are fully dishwasher safe. The outside of the machine can be quickly wiped with a cloth, so the BRÜ Maker is extremely easy to keep clean.

Will I be able to use the BRÜ Maker for hot water?

Yes, with its Infinity Mode, the BRÜ Maker pours continuous hot water at any temperature you need until you choose to stop it!