We are here to bring innovation to the tea world. We respect the history of tea and appreciate the quality behind a great tea.

We aim to make things more convenient and consistent.

We are your friend in tea. 

We are BRU!


Our Machine

Since the first sketch a few years ago we've worked closely with experienced industrial designers and an engineering company specialized in consumer products. We’ve spent a lot of time evaluating many concepts on our journey to the 'design for manufacture' stage, ensuring everything is as ready as possible for production to start.

Our World

BRÜ is all about the perfect cup of tea. We develop and sell automated, smart, user-friendly tea making machines for brewing fresh, full-taste tea using either loose-leaf or tea bags, providing a high quality, quick and convenient solution for tea drinkers. The innovative BRÜ Maker solves the problems involved with the time consuming, messy and often wasteful business of tea-making, and replaces it with a seamless, more sustainable and effortlessly repeatable process.  Our smart home, integration IoT, app-connected tea machine with patented technology is the only one on the market to work with any kind of tea.


The process of making a high-quality cup of tea can be difficult and it is tricky to get a consistent taste. The amount of water, temperature and brewing time all affect the result in your cup. After much development we are proud to launch the BRU Maker - the first tea-brewing machine where you can easily adjust the settings for your tea and make sure you get the same result time after time.

Convenient brewing – Consistent flavor – Any tea you like.

We believe it is important for you to drink any tea you want, the way you like it. So you don't have to use any capsules or special teas in our machine - you are free to use any tea of your choosing!


In 2019 we launched a campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help bring the BRU Machine to life. We had great success and after only a couple of months reached over 1 million Swiss francs in pre-sales.